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Third Tradition Motorcycle Club is an association of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts who promote, share and enjoy a life-style free from the bondage of alcohol and drugs and are able to maintain the following requirements:

  • Color bearing members will abstain from using drugs or alcohol.
  • All members will to the best of their ability adhere to the principles set forth in the programs of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Color bearing members will own a "Street Legal", properly insured, properly licensed motorcycle.
  • Non-color bearing members (i.e. spouses and friends active in club functions) will at all times respect the club "Colors" and what they represent.

The Third Tradition Motorcycle Club functions solely for the benefit of its members and has no official connection with either AA or NA and is not a substitute for either fellowship.

We seek only friendship and cooperation with all the motorcycling and recovering communities. Our only purpose is to offer support and companionship to any motorcyclist striving to achieve and maintain a life of sobriety.

OUR CLUB MOTTO: "Sober in the Wind"

OUR CLUB LEGACIES: "Sobriety, Brotherhood, Safety"

OUR CLUB PRAYER: "God grant us Sobriety, Brotherhood and a Safe Ride Always"

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